Friday, 16 Apr, 2010 Technology

Toshiba Presents 200GB HDD for In-Car Use


The Japanese tech giant Toshiba recently presented its new 200 gigabyte hard drive for in-vehicle use. The device is to be used for high-capacity storage for telematics, navigation and various entertainment systems.

One of the technical advantage of the 4,200 RPM SATA MK2060GSC is an improvement of internal transfer rates by a whooping 78 percent. Besides, the new HDD boasts a faster search time of 12 milliseconds and an ultra-quiet operation of 23dB.

According to Scott Wright, a spokesman for Toshiba, these advantages made the device perfect for multimedia, navigation and in-car video recording applications.

Toshiba's HDD is able to resist altitude differences of -300 to 12,000 meters when it doesn't operate and -300 to 5,650 when it is activated. It can also withstand temperature differences between -30 and +85 C, informs TG Daily.

The company's spokesman also mentioned that the company's HDDs can be used in a variety of industrial applications. They fully meet the rules of RoHS and are halogen-free.

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