Wednesday, 22 Dec, 2010 Technology

Toshiba to Launch First Solar-Powered eReader


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Today the market is full of various eReaders and to differentiate its device from the rest e-book readers Toshiba decided to equip it with a solar panel.

The new eReader from Toshiba is called Biblio Leaf and it measures about 8.5"l x 5." When the final version of the device hits the market it will feature a 6" tall electronic paper display that will look like the one Kindle currently uses.

According to Toshiba, the solar panel on its latest eReader will be able to charge the battery enough to read up to 7,500 pages per charge. In addition, Biblio Leaf boasts 2GB of memory and allows the user to get connected to the Internet via Wi-Fi, reports DVICE.

So far it is unknown whether the eReader from Toshiba will hit other markets beside Japan.

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