Wednesday, 02 Jun, 2010 Technology

Unmanned Hovercrafts to Be Tested by Israel Aerospace Industries


It was unveiled that the Israel Aerospace Industries is working on a number of hovercrafts (hovering aircrafts) that would be used for both the military and civilian purposes.

Researchers from the Israel Aerospace Industries recently presented the ETOP, which they also call the electric tethered observation platform. It represents a hovercraft that can be launched either from a fixed station or a ground vehicle.

It is worth mentioning that the unmanned hovercraft is able to stay in the air for long periods. The ETOP can also fly at heights of 328 feet, being able to carry loads weighting up to 20 kilograms, reports FlightGlobal.

Currently engineers at IAI are testing their prototypes and if everything goes well, the hovercrafts might be used for surveillance tasks by 2011.

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