Monday, 21 Mar, 2011 Technology

US Students Create Piano-playing Robot


A group of students from Drexel University built a humanoid robot that is able to play piano.

It would be interesting to note that the students' latest invention allowed them to make another step towards their main goal - to develop a humanoid machine that would be able to take part in live music and dance performances together with humans.

The robot recently presented by the team is called RoboNova. It represents a small machine for quick prototyping and testing.

The electrical and computer engineering professor Dr. Youngmoo Kim used the humanoid to turn it into a music-playing robot and now he believes that the development of a complete stage performing robot is very close.

It is worth mentioning that such projects will allows students get more information about human creativity and expression. At the same time Mr. Kim notes that it would be rather difficult for machines to imitate the very complex human performances.

The group of students recorded their invention playing "Chopsticks", "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" as well as making several small steps of dancing, reports Drexel University.

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