Thursday, 08 Oct, 2009 Technology

Vertical Village Harnesses Solar Power to the Max


This amazing Vertical Village complex was designed for multiple-use and will be located in Dubai. The design is credited to Graft Lab. The structure is meant to offer space for residential, hotel and entertainment facilities. It will make use of solar energy that, according to designers, will be harnessed to the maximum.

In order to decrease long-angle sun penetration, the buildings in the complex are arranged as self-shading slabs at the northern part of the site on the east-west axis.

A large solar collector array will be located on the southern end of the site. The array will automatically turn towards the sun in order to produce maximum energy. The entire complex features solar roof that plays the role of a leaf, featuring veins that part the solar field into a number of portions and help convey solar heated water that is meant to decrease the amount of air conditioning for the complex.

The entertainment center, located just beneath the solar roof, will include cinemas, restaurants, shops and a theater.

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