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Virtual Camera Provides Immediate Picture Processing


A team of gamers from Scotland decided to create a "virtual camera" that can mimic techniques seen in the famous movie by James Cameron, "Avatar".

Recently the team unveiled their Motus system which is based on a motion controller like the one used in Nintendo Wii. The "virtual camera" will cost under $200.

The "camera" processes the image in real time while it is being recorded and then the image shown on the monitor screen of the director. With this technology the actors wearing motion-capture suits can be instantly seen in form of the fictional computer characters from the movie, which eliminates the need of spending a huge amount of time creating computer-generated pictures, reports TGDaily.

"What the Simul-cam technology allows is a kind of augmented reality, where the computer-generated world can be seen immediately," explains technology lecturer Matt Bett.

He added that with the help of a new Sixense electromagnetic motion controller, it is now possible to maneuver a virtual camera in any virtual environment, whether it's a film, an animation or a computer game.

"What our development allows is replays to be edited exactly as if they were a film, zooming in, panning the camera, quickly and easily creating a whole movie based on your gaming," mentioned project associate Erin Michno.

The system is expected to hit the market next year. It will work on any home PC.

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