Sunday, 18 Jan, 2009 Technology

Virtual Parents to Emotionally Support Children of Soldiers


Information technology will never substitute a real human. Nevertheless the US government looks forward to provide a virtual parent, which it hopes will offer emotional support for the children of those who are away on active duty.

The US Department of Defense searches for offers for a computer software that would help young children by enabling them to interrelate with a virtual type of their parent. Government hopes the program will make children feel more comfortable when their parents are away and when phone and Internet connection is not possible, informs New Scientist.

Department of Defense considers that the stresses children face while their parents are away on active duty could be somewhat softened if kids could carry out simple conversations with their parents "in immediate times of stress or prolonged absence". It is worth mentioning that over 155,000 children have at least one parent on mission in Iraq or Afghanistan.

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