Sunday, 02 Sep, 2007 Technology

Virtual Policemen to Purify the Chinese Internet


Two police officers of the virtual Chinese world are to begin their "work" on purifying major Chinese Internet portals. The "work" consists in identifying pornographic content, as well as other 'illegal' activities, such as propaganda of oppositional ideas or the ones that might seem suspicious to the two police officers. On-line gambling is also regarded as an illegal activity.

Every 30 minutes users will see a picture on their displays. Pictures will depict a man or a woman on a motorcycle, in a car or on foot. A click on those pictures will redirect users on the web-site of Beijing City Administration, department for public security, where users can report porn sites and web-pages with illegal activities to real police officers.

Virtual police officers will patrol most popular Chinese Internet portals and by the end of the year will be present in all web-sites and forums, registered in Beijing. This security means has already brought its crops: 124,000 sites with pornographic content and 244 porn sites were banned.

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