Thursday, 11 Mar, 2010 Technology

Wearable Robot that Opens Doors in Emergency Situations


Japan has always been one of the leading nations in terms of robotics field development, creating machines that would not only catch your attention with their design but also assist humans in various operations.

Recently BL Autotec, a Japanese company that focuses on robot production, has unveiled a remote-controlled machine hand that is able to safely open different doors in emergency situations by simply griping and turning the doorknobs in collapsed structures, informs CrunchGear.

The robotic hand can prove to be useful especially during nuclear, biological and chemical catastrophes. It is worth mentioning that a person can wear the robotic platform on the back.

The Japanese robot manufacturer has equipped its 34kg robot with a built-in CCD camera, as well as LED lighting, allowing the machine to be operated remotely in low light areas with ease. Using its four shafts, the robot can move various dangerous materials.

It can also be adjusted for different industrial applications. It is expected that the robot will hit the market by 2013 and be available at a price of $110,000.

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