Tuesday, 14 Aug, 2007 Technology

Web is a Fun Place for Most Users


A new survey revealed that most users use Internet to search for news and entertainment rather than to make the most of it by searching useful information or sending e-mails, for example.

A research conducted by Nielsen/NetRatings showed that entertainment and social networking sources are the most popular sites on the web, surpassing the use of search engines and online shopping.

According to the findings, the time spent on viewing online videos and news increased by 37 percent in comparison to the increase of search engines use by 35 percent.

There is a strong tendency for the increase of entertainment content. With more online content and faster speeds, social networks were also contributing to the spread of viewing content, counting for 47 percent of time spent surfing online viewing content. In comparison to the popularity of viewing content in 2003 it's a 13 percent increase.

People spend 5 percent less time on commercial sites like Amazon and search sites.

The use of communication sources also tend to decrease by 18 percent in comparison to the results from 2003. Email and instant messaging use is also losing its popularity.

The study is published by the Online Publishers Association.

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