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Researchers Set up Webcam at 5,643m to Offer a View of Mount Everest


Mobotix, a company based in Germany that focuses on manufacturing security cameras, has decided to install one of its type-M12 surveillance cameras on the Kala Patthar Mountain.

Installed at an altitude of 5,643-meters (18,514 ft), the cam offers a wonderful view of the western side of the neighboring Mount Everest.

It is worth mentioning that the solar-powered camera is now the highest webcam in the world, surpassing its counterpart mounted on Mount Aconcagua in Argentina at an altitude of 4,389 meter (14,400 ft).

The webcam is exposed to extreme weather conditions, including high winds and temperatures of -30 degrees Celsius.

The images that the camera captures are then sent wirelessly to the Ev-K2-CNR Pyramid Laboratory/Observatory, found at 5,050 meters (16,568 ft) above the sea level. The observatory team, led by Giampietro Kohl, analyzes the gathered information and transmits it to Italy where the images are evaluated in more detail. Mounting the camera on Kala Patthar is part of a research project entitled "Everest Share 2011".

The information collected from the webcam combined with meteorological data from the weather station, located at an altitude of 8,000 meters (26,247 ft) on Mount Everest, is expected to offer valuable information regarding climate change.

In order to see the view provided by the camera click HERE. Please note that the cam works from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Nepalese time and the captured images are being updated every 5 minutes.

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