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World's First Wi-Fi Mouse with Battery Able to Hold 9 Months


Recently Hewlett-Packard has unveiled one of its latest invention - a Wi-Fi mouse that doesn't need a USB port and which boasts more longevity than other wireless mice.

On the exterior the HP Wi-Fi mouse is exactly the same as any other computer mouse. However, the major difference is than it comes with a 9-month battery life.

The invention could become popular among users that travel often and sometimes do not have a spare USB port on their computer.

It takes just a few seconds to connect the mouse to a computer. It would be interesting to note that just like most Bluetooth mice today this one has a strong signal that allows the user to use the mouse from a distance of 30 feet.

Other features do not make the mouse any different from its counterparts - 1200-1600dpi resolution, 5 customizable buttons and a 4-way tilt scroll wheel.

At the same time the company decided to make a mouse that would only function with a computer powered by Microsoft Windows 7. The mouse was developed to work with a Windows 7-certified wireless adapter, reports Mashable.

Watch the video below to see the Wi-Fi mouse in action.

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