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Word Lens - iPhone App that Instantly Translates Words Written on Pictures


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Every iPhone user has now the possibility to download an application called Word Lens and be able to instantly translate various content written in a book, menu or on the road signs in a foreign language.

Developed by QuestVisual, the application recently hit the iTunes and represents two-and-a-half years of work performed by Otavio Good and John DeWeese.

So far the application offers translation from Spanish into English and vice versa and can be bought for $4.99. In addition, the app currently offers only word for word translation, which, nevertheless, is quite useful if the user is looking through a menu, for example.

It would be interesting to note that the application makes use of Optical Character Recognition technology.

According to Mr. Good, the next step would be adding more languages to the app. He said: "I wouldn't be surprised if we did French next, Italian and since my mom is Brazilian, Portuguese."

The application is available here.

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