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World's First 24k Gold Vacuum Cleaner Priced at USD1 Million


If you're one of those who simply do not know where to spend your $1 million (if there are any) then check out this vacuum cleaner launched by The company made its device out of 24k gold and made it available for $1 million.

Some may think that this golden vacuum cleaner is a joke, but GoVacuum assures that it's not by describing the GV62711 and a unique, "commercial grade, 24-carat gold plated, cleaning machine".

Besides, in a statement, Justin Haver, the company's Vice President of sales and marketing said: "This isn't a joke, a fake product or publicity stunt as many people have thought."

He said that about 6 months ago he was blinded by golden light in his bathroom and thought of making a gold vacuum cleaner and launching it onto the market. After about half a year the gold-plated GV62711 was launched.

It would be interesting to note that managed to create 100 pieces of the golden vacuum cleaner that is powered by a 10 amp motor and features a 14-inch wide cleaning nozzle and anti-marring urethane wheels. It would be interesting to see who decides to buy one, since clearly millionaires are not really into cleaning houses on their own.

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