Tuesday, 26 Oct, 2010 Technology

World's First Paper Wristwatch from Altanus


Altanus, a watchmaking company based in Geneva, Switzerland, came up with the idea to create a timepiece that would be not only colorful, but also show accurate timekeeping and be affordable.

The company recently presented the world's first paper wristwatch called "Patch".

It would be interesting to note that the timepiece was inspired by the papier-mache floats at the annual Carnival festival that takes place in Viareggio, Tuscandy.

The watch has a LED display and despite the fact that it is made of paper, Altanus claims that by using a protective coating on its timepiece, the Patch will be waterproof and shock- and tear-resistant.

The watch, which is available in 10 neon colors, weights just 11 grams and is available for only $33.50, informs Ecouterre.

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