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World's First Space Hotel to Open Soon


Galactic Suite Space Resort is going to be the world's first orbiting space hotel that is expected to open in 2012. If you want to spend three nights in the hotel you will need to complete a two-month training course first. The course will take place on a Caribbean island. You will have to pay $4.4 million - the price also includes special training. It is worth mentioning that over 40 people have already made their choice.

As soon as you reach the space hotel, you will be able to witness the sunrise that will take place 16 times a day. In addition, you will circumnavigate the planet every 80 minutes. To surf around other tourists' pod rooms, you will need to wear special Velcro suits that will allow sticking to the walls and help you crawl.

Xavier Claramunt, who currently holds the position of chief executive of the Barcelona-based company Galactic Suite Ltd, is expecting that his orbiting space hotel will become the leader in the field of space tourism, reports Reuters. He considers that space tourism could become extremely popular in just about 15 years.

At first the company will have one pod that would house four guests and two astronauts. It would orbit 450 kilometers (about 280 miles) above the earth and travel at a speed of 30,000 km/h (about 18,640 mph). It would take the space tourists a day and a half to get to the pod onboard a Russian-built rocket, which is going to be launched from a Caribbean island. As soon as the rocket reaches the pod, it would dock with it for the whole stay. After three nights in outer space, passengers would return to the rocket and return to Earth.

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