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World's First Glass-Packaged White LED


At CEATEC two Japanese companies: Sumita Optical Glass Inc and Toyoda Gosei Co Ltd presented their glass-packaged white LED, which has several advantages over the usual plastic-packaged LEDs.

Due to the fact that glass package wears out more slowly than the plastic one it has a longer product cycle. The glass-package has a better resistance to heat, which is why the light-emitting elements can be positioned more densely. In addition, a higher luminance can be reached in a glass-package though the use of a high electric current.

The two companies refused to reveal the composition of the glass. By applying their patented technologies, both Sumita Optical Glass Inc and Toyoda Gosei Co Ltd are able to change the shape of the mold thus playing with the shapes of the glass-packaged white LED.

The two companies outlined that LEDs packed in glass can be used at temperatures as high as +200C. It is worth mentioning that LEDs packed in epoxide resin and silicone resin can only be used at up to +80C. Thus, for a specific usage, the amount of current that can be used can reach 150mA.

Currently the two companies look forward to apply their technology as a light source in a line camera that is utilized to analyze the glass substrates used in manufacturing flat-panel displays.

Sumita Optical Glass and Toyoda Gosei said that due to its high resistance to heat and the ability to use electric current of 100mA, the new LED can create a luminance of approximately 200,000lx. Because of their low luminance the existing LEDs are not used in line cameras as the sources of light.

Both companies hope to increase the way their glass-packaged white LED is used. Toyoda Gosei also looks forward to present the details of the new technology.

Source: Tech-ON!

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