Thursday, 20 May, 2010 Technology

Probably the World's Largest Elevators Installed at a Mitsubishi Electric Building


The Japanese corporation Mitsubishi Electric has recently installed new elevators in its Umeda Hankyu Building, located in Osaka. An elevator boasts a capacity of up to 80 people, which probably makes them the largest in the world.

Each elevator measures 11.2 x 9.2 feet, having a height of 8.5 feet high (3.4m wide, 2.8m long and 2.6m high). The company claims that each one of its new elevators is able to carry a cargo weighting up to 11,500 pounds (5,250 kilograms). All in all there are 5 elevators that, if we do a little math, can carry simultaneously 400 people or 57,000 pounds (26,250 kilograms).

The elevators also have glass windows, allowing people to observe the view of Osaka. According to a Mitsubishi representative, these elevators are definitely the largest in Japan.

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