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World's Largest Garden to be Built in Singapore


An international design contest that took place in Singapore has come to an end with the winner being Grant Associates, a company that can now bring its design to reality. Its $560 million project is entitled Marina South Gardens and it is expected to be the biggest garden in the world.

The shape of the building was inspired by an orchid. The construction includes a series of conservatories located in the center of the structure along with a number of huge solar trees that generate renewable energy and water necessary for the gardens.

It is worth mentioning that there are two conservatories, called Cool Dry and Cool Moist, that include off tropical montane, Mediterranean and temperate species of plants and flowering species. The supertrees represent vertical gardens that can be from 25 to 50 meters high. These structures include solar hot water heaters, solar panels, venting ducts, as well as systems for gathering rainwater. It would be possible to cultivate plants that cannot be normally grown in Singapore.

The project has the goal of increasing the profile of Singapore and strengthening its image as the top garden city in the east. The Marina South Gardens will be completed by 2011. More images available here.

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