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World's Largest LED Media Facade Enriches the Busiest Bus Station in US


The latest improvement of the NYC Port Authority Bus Terminal is a LED see-through media facade that claims to be the world's largest and which hides the somewhat ugly front that the terminal featured before.

GKD Metal Fabrics is responsible for designing and mounting the 6,000-square-foot media façade that makes use of 16 panels and a whooping 1,325 million LEDs. The latter allow the façade to show a 265,000 pixel picture. In addition, the new media offers shade and promotes natural ventilation.

It would be interesting to note that the PABT represents the largest bus station in the country, being also the busiest one with over 200,000 people passing each day through the terminal.

The display makes it possible for authorities to show a wide range of media. It can show one picture on either sides (42nd Street and Eighth Avenue) or a different image to each street.

Due to the fact that all pixels are arranged vertically about 2 inches and horizontally 1.5 inches apart from each other, the media façade allows air and light to penetrate the structure. In such a way the interior is partly shaded but at the same time can breather via the display.

[via Archdaily]

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