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World's Longest Bus Designed in China Can Transport 300 People At Once


Youngman JNP6250G is the world's longest bus that was designed in China. The city bus is 82-feet long and it is meant to help deal with the multimillion populations in such megapolises as Beijing and Hangzhou.

The bus includes 5 doors and 40 passenger seats, while the rest of the space can fit 260 standing riders.

While in New York City and other cities you may see buses with one accordion ribbed joint sections, this vehicle boasts two.

According to the Youngman Vehicle Group, the bus will turn corners with the same radius as a normal bus due to the extra ribbed joint.

The maximum speed of the Youngman JNP6250G is 50mph. Its widened aisles allow people in wheelchairs to easily access the bus.

In addition, the bus is expected to be highly energy efficient.

[via Springwise]

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