Monday, 24 May, 2010 Technology

Wristwatch Inspired by Sliding Puzzle


The Hamilton Time Player is a uniquely designed wristwatch that allows its owner to play with its nine counters the way one plays with a sliding puzzle.

The titanium case of the watch, 48mm x 42 mm, is split into nine segments, with 8 of them filled with movable counters and one empty counter. The sliding-puzzle-like counters allow the watch wearer to set and measure time in the current location, and three other locations.

The current location is indicated by the brand’s logo. Three other locations are indicated by names of the cities of Dubai, New York and Tokyo in different colors. Other four counters represent individual dials created in colors matching their location. Even if time-reading seems bamboozling with this watch at the first glance, no doubt it is absolutely original!


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