Friday, 21 Jan, 2011 Technology

Wristwatch with Four Amazing Meteorites


Believe it or not, but now you can wear a wristwatch that bears pieces of four rarest meteorites. The meteorites present four planets – Mars, Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon that are part of the 24-hour planetarium presented by the watch. The horological wonder is named Astralis and created by Louis Moinet.

The meteorites incorporated by the Astralis watch are the following:

- an authentic extremely rare meteorite from Mars - Jiddat al Harasis 479.

- the world's most precious meteorite - Sahara 99555, actually about 4 billion 566 million years old.

- amazingly beautiful Itqiy meteorite that formed close to the sun.

- an extremely rare lunar meteorite - Dhofar 459.

In case you haven’t been impressed by the meteorites, Astralis boasts a unique combination of timekeeping complications, including a tourbillon and a split-second column-wheel chronograph.


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