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Xbox 360 Game Support Manual - Part I


The original game support for Xbox enables the Xbox 360 video game console to run a wide range of games. Xbox 360 console requires a hard disk drive for game support. Currently customers may choose one of the three ways to get updates for Xbox 360: using Xbox LIVE, burning a DVD or CD or order a disc by mail.

Updating through Xbox LIVE

This free option is considered to be the best due to the fact that as new games are supported Xbox 360 will be updated automatically. For an Xbox LIVE update, user needs to have a broadband Ethernet connection along with an Xbox LIVE account. The account might be a Gold or Silver membership. Firstly one should connect Xbox 360 console to broadband connection. Later it is necessary to create whether an Xbox LIVE membership or, in case user haven’t done yet, add Xbox LIVE to offline profile.

Any user can create a profile using the Dashboard. All that is needed is to press the Xbox 360 button so then to select "Sign In". After ending the process of creating a profile through the Dashboard, the user should select "Join Xbox LIVE" option in order to finish profile creation. As soon as the user joins Xbox LIVE, the Xbox 360 console will be restarted. This is why it is necessary to save any game progress. The user is also able to add an Xbox LIVE membership to an already existing account in case the "Join Live" option from the Xbox LIVE blade of the Xbox 360 Dashboard is selected.

In order to create a membership some user information is required, including name, age and membership type. After the Xbox LIVE membership, the user is likely to update the software on the Xbox 360 console. Thus it is necessary to choose "Yes" option and then wait for ending of the update.

In the end it is important for the user to make sure that the signing in Xbox LIVE took place so later to run an Xbox game. This process will begin a backward compatibility application. Thus, in case it is necessary, the Xbox LIVE will send an update to the application.

It is worth mentioning that once the process is started, the user should end the completion. A failure during the installation process can lead to the point where the Xbox 360 will be unable to play any games.

As soon as the update is installed, the user is able to play all Xbox games. All of the further updates will be automatically installed, but only in case if the user is signed into Xbox LIVE when starting plying the original Xbox game.

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