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Microsoft to Connect Xbox 360 and PC Gamers


On Wednesday, the software giant Microsoft Corp. announced the opening of its Live on-line service that will connect users of both Xbox 360 console and PCs. The company stated that the service will open in May. It is to be reminded that Live has attracted about six million Xbox 360 console gamers and now Microsoft looks forward to launch it on new Windows Vista system.

The software giant decided to make this step after its chairman Bill Gates stated last year that Microsoft’s main goal is to connect video game consoles, cell phones and computers.

The launch of Live’s PC version is due on May 8. At the same day Microsoft will introduce its Windows Vista version of "Halo 2", which is the company’s popular alien shooter game.

Later in June Microsoft Game Studios is going to launch "Shadowrun". It is the company’s first game where its on-line service will be able to support competition between gamers that use Xbox 360 and PCs.

Users of the new Live on-line service will need to create only one single account regardless of what they use: Xbox 360 game console, PC or both.

The software giant offers two levels of Live subscription. One level is called silver membership and it is a free one. The other level, called Gold, however, includes cross-platform play plus some other multiplayer features that cost about $ 50 per year.

The on-line gaming service of Microsoft represents an important feature for its Xbox 360 video game console, introduced in November 2005. Currently, the main competitors of the company’s game console are PlayStation 3, developed by Sony Corp. and Nintendo Co. Ltd.’s Wii. All these companies compete for domination in the global video game market, which is now valued at $ 30 billion.

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