Thursday, 13 Jan, 2011 Technology

XWave - iPhone App that Allows You to Read Your Own Mind


The XWave is another interesting application developed for the iPhone. The application allows the user to show mind-reading abilities. To do so the owner it is required to wear a special headset, with the $100-dollar headband being connected to the iPhone's audio jack.

The device features a built-in sensor that presses against the forehead and is used to send information to the XWave iPhone application. The latter, in its turn, illustrates on the phone's display the activity of the user's brain.

Whenever the user focuses on a certain task, the graphics on the screen change. It is worth noting that the brain waves are detected with the help of a NeuroSky eSense dry sensor. Thus the brain-computer interface is able to identify even small electrical impulses in the brain and turn these signals into digital ones that are then presented on the display.

With the help of the XWave users will also be able to control other graphical applications and even games using their mind. The list of such apps will expand.

Although currently the application is just for entertainment, in the near future it could be used for many other purposes, being specifically useful to people with certain disabilities. Besides the iPhone, the app is also compatible with the iPod Touch and iPad.

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