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Yahoo Still Open to Work With Microsoft to Threaten Google's Leadership


Wednesday the chief executive of Yahoo Inc., Carol Bartz stated that the company is open to cooperate with Microsoft with the goal of improving the Internet search and providing stronger competition to Google. However, the deal would definitely require detailed set of terms and most importantly it would need boatloads of money.

Joining forces with the software giant would help Yahoo improve Internet search, providing access to necessary data and delivering strong technology. Previously Yahoo said it requires the data, which is gathered from search requests, to sell the most efficient ads and adjust other services in order to satisfy users' interests, reports Wall Street Journal.

When asked if she was going to think about selling all of Yahoo, Bartz said: "Oh, they'd have to have BIG boatloads of money."

It is worth mentioning that Yahoo already has rejected the offer from Microsoft and that offer was really a boatload of money. The software giant wanted to acquire Yahoo for $47.5 billion in 2008.

Steve Ballmer, chief executive at Microsoft Corp., expressed his interest in the deal with Yahoo regarding Internet search, believing it could provide strong competition to currently number one search engine Google.

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