Friday, 27 May, 2011 Technology

Yobot - Machine that Takes Care of Your Luggage


The New York's Times Square has a new Yotel that can now boast a robot able to take care of guests' luggage.

Dubbed Yobot, the machine was developed with the goal of playing the role of a luggage drawer. The robot is installed by the big wall of suitcase drawers and does its job by picking up luggage and putting it in one of 133 storage lockers.

Guests then receive a bar-coded ticket, which then can put into the system when they want Yobot to bring their luggage.

It would be interesting to note that several robots were "auditioned" for the job and Yotel representatives decided to select the Yobot.

The official opening of the New York City Yotel is expected to take place next week. The rooms will start at a little over $200. The price depends on the season and size of the room, reports CNET.

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