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YouTube to Award Best Videos


This week Google's very famous on-line video-sharing website YouTube is expected to presents its awards for the best videos uploaded during 2006 by the site's fans. On Monday users of YouTube may start voting for their favorites. The site offers seven genres, which in fact are seven categories that include certain videos. Users will rank videos till Friday when the voting will end. Rewards will be given to the winners on March 26.

The head of YouTube product marketing, Jamie Byrne, expressed his opinion on user-generated websites, stating the last year proved to be very important for content and video that are generated by web fans. Google's $1.65 billion acquisition will present the following categories: Best series, best comedy, most creative or inspirational video, as well as best music or commentary. The last category, according to Byrne, will be "most adorable video ever." This category seeks to continue the "so cute it hurts" cats and dogs videos.

The programs that are nominated include videos uploaded: by Geriatric 1927, an English pensioner; Terra Naomi, promising folk singer; Star Track parody Chad Vader; as well as Lonely Girl 15, actress-turned-teenager and LisaNova, comic commentator, who was also spotted on MadTV.

Those that are being nominated can now start promoting themselves on the website and till Friday lead for votes.

However, despite all the entertainment provided by YouTube, some companies, like Viacom, are thinking of introducing an additional category called "Best Professionally Produced Copyrighted Video." Last week the owner of MTV and Comedy Central assets sued the on-line video-sharing website together with its owner Google for more than one billion dollars.

Viacom states that YouTube gained its popularity with the help of a huge amount of illegally uploaded videos protected by the copyright law. The main copyright infringement occurred at shows like "The Colbert Report" and "South Park." For this Viacom must thank its fans who posted segments of these shows for other fans.

It is to note that all in all the nature of on-line voting for videos posted on YouTube makes the whole ceremony somewhat anachronistic. The fact is that Google owned website already depends on a certain rating system. Thus those videos that are highly rated are automatically promoted.


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