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Japan's ZMP Unveils Robot Vehicle Equipped with Kinect


ZMP Inc, a Japanese company working in the field of robotics, has recently launched a robot car bearing Microsoft Corp's Kinect gesture controller that plays the role of a range image sensor.

Dubbed "RoboCar 1/10 Lite & Kinect", the 1/10-size robot vehicle can be used to carry out studies of autonomous mobile robots at different academic institutions and business organizations.

The car's main body features AMD's "Geode LX800" and Linux. It also makes use of "OpenNI," driver framework developed by PrimeSense Ltd for the Kinect.

Unfortunately the robot car will not be available for sale due to the fact that the number of software developer has not yet given permission for commercial use of "Kinect for Windows SDK beta". The latter is an official software development kit for the motion sensing input device.

In addition, because the CPU and operating system installed on the vehicle do not meet the operating conditions of the software development kit, it is so far impossible to use the SDK in terms of hardware.

According to ZMP, they look forward to developing a new version of the robot car by upgrading its OS to Windows 7, for instance, and CPU for the Kinect SDK, reports TechON.

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