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ZooBurst - Software that Allows Creating Your Own 3D Pop-up Digital Books


If you like this invention you can vote for it here.Now you can read pop-up digital books and there is no need to wear special 3D glasses. The augmented reality program entitled ZooBurst allows making pop-up books by using a computer, a Webcam and an Internet connection.

Recently Craig Kapp presented his project at the NYU's Tisch School of the Arts ITP showcase. The user can select a book on the website then hold the ZooBurst tag in front of the Webcam and a 3D pop-up digital book will appear on the display.

Children can interact with the book, being able to change its pages, click on characters to read what they're saying and view the book from various angles, informs FastCompany.

Mr. Kapp said that today more than 750 teachers are using this technology. It is also worth mentioning that this technology allows people to create their own stories and illustrations. The software features a large variety of backgrounds, a library of clip art and more, plus children learn more about the way digital books are developed.

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