Thursday, 02 Apr, 2009 Discussion:

Do you think that the G20 Summit will do any good for the world?

Leaders of some the world's most powerful economies gathered to "join forces" in order to deal with the financial crisis. They plan to talk on: financial regulation, tax havens, fiscal stimulus, IMF boost, global trade and bankers. On some issues they will agree and on some not, but does the whole meeting represent something useful for the world? Feel free to express your opinion in the comment box below.


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From 2009 up to 2012 Bitcoin miners got the biggest rewards, 50 BTC per block. It was a few enthusiasts who made history. They sent transactions to each other and mined new blocks on old laptops.

Bitcoin was a big experiment and nothing cost. Private keys were left, some wallets deleted, someone threw disks and paper trash to garbage. Some of the bitcoins are “burned” by random transfer to draw wallets (for example, 1BitcoinEaterAddressDontSendf59kuE), for the sake of curiosity.

The first mention of the password-protected wallet.dat file with the balance on board was on the Reddit forum a few years ago when bitcoin cost high. The author of the post found his old flashcard and could not remember the password from the Bitcoin-Qt application. He picked up all possible password combinations and found out whether it was possible to find his password by brute force. But got fail

We found the first wallet of this kind in the private forum, where it was offered to download and try brute force for free. Next, we found offers for the sale of password-protected wallets. We bought them, and some managed to be exchanged for existing ones.

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And this is not our only wallet with the premine of those years. Imagine what could happen to the Bitcoin exchange rate if the password is picked up and the money moves at these addresses. Indeed, many people and companies are closely watching these addresses.
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It is almost impossible to find a private key to someone else’s bitcoin address. Finding a password invented by a person is much easier. But do not forget that the password can consist of different alphabets, registers, numbers, and signs, which greatly complicates the selection. In addition, the longer the password, the more options for brute force and the longer to crack it. In any case, it will be a good experience and an opportunity to hit the jackpot.
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