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Post here your favorite DIY inventions.
[07 Aug, 2011] comments (27)
LEGO art here
[07 Aug, 2011] comments (27)
Submit here beautiful/creepy things made of junk.
[07 Aug, 2011] comments (5)
What was the strangest invention you've stumbled upon?
[04 May, 2011] comments (2)
Among the various devices you use every day, which one you consider to be a very important invention.
[11 Apr, 2011] comments (27)
Which device(s) that you use often (maybe on a daily basis even) you consider to be extremely important. Are there technologies that you could not do without? ...
What eco-friendly car would you like to own?
[06 Apr, 2011] comments (2)
Are you into green vehicles or you would rather buy a traditional fuel-powered model? What car(s) would you like to own? ...
Do you think that people should abandon nuclear power?
[05 Apr, 2011] comments (27)
Should nuclear power be abandoned, or should governments continue using it but with more attention paid to security measures? ...
Do you think 3D technology is dangerous?
[15 Feb, 2011] comments (27)
There are articles and posts on the Internet saying that 3D displays are dangerous for young children and can be also dangerous for adults. What do YOU think? ...
What was the most interesting, useful and/or original invention you came across in 2010?
[06 Jan, 2011] comments (2)
Which of the inventions that appeared in 2010 you can recall? Which ones deserve a lot of attention and should be listed as the most important of 2010. ...
What is the most important invention a human has ever made?
[04 Nov, 2010] comments (27)
In this post we ask you to state the most important invention(s) that you consider had the greatest impact on humanity. You are also welcome to explain why do you think this/these invention(s) is/are the most important. ...
Is it okay for a grownup to play with Lego?
[04 Nov, 2010] comments (27)
Some people consider that playing Lego is somewhat childish. Do you play with Lego? Do you think it's wrong for grownups to play with these kind of toys? ...
Do you think Apple's iPad deserves a lot of attention?
[05 Feb, 2010] comments (8)
Though much anticipated and rumoured, do you think the iPad is something that really deserves a lot of attention or it's just another offspring of technological development that should not be treated as something special? ...
Do you think Angelina Jolie really is the most powerful celebrity?
[10 Jun, 2009] comments (12)
Why do you think the Forbes Magazine named specifically Angelina Jolie the most powerful celebrity? Did she deservingly get this top rank? We need your opinion! ...
Do you think unconditional love has nothing to do with romantic or sexual love?
[15 Apr, 2009] comments (8)
Scientists discovered that during unconditional love different areas in the brain light up, some of which are not related to sexual love, which brings to the idea that unconditional love is a different feeling. ...
Do you think that the G20 Summit will do any good for the world?
[02 Apr, 2009] comments (15)
Leaders of some the world's most powerful economies gathered to "join forces" in order to deal with the financial crisis. ...

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