Wednesday, 04 May, 2011 Discussion:

What was the strangest invention you've stumbled upon?

Today we're witnessing the appearance of a large number of devices that are meant to either make our lives easier or just to catch our attention for whatever purpose.

In this tech jungle we find devices that we appreciate, those that we think are useless or need improvement, and the ones that are just too odd to describe. For example, in the image you can see a machine that does the tie for you (very slow and it knows only one knot). You can read about it here.

Did you run across such strange devices? If yes, then share your experience in the comment section below.

You can also read the article on the top 5 strangest inventions.

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//1 Aug 08, 2011 07:09 PM | posted by: MADE
i haven't seen in real life strage devices, but there are many odd tech things on the internet. i really "like" the creepy machine that does the tie ;)

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