Technology (08 Apr, 2007)
Google is out testing new old features
Google extensively testing, or maybe already not, it 'Notebook' feature. The 'Google Notebook' enables Google's user to note queries of their choice to explore them later. The feature is available only when logged in into Google services. ...
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Technology (27 Aug, 2010)
Intelligence Toilet That Examines Your Vitals
Toto, a Japanese company, has presented its new intelligent toilet. The device was developed for the housing company Daiwa House. ...
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Current Events (12 Dec, 2008)
Most Popular Google Searches in 2008
The end of 2008 is near and Google decided to study and present the most popular searches that billions of people typed into the search box of the number one search engine. ...
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Technology (03 Feb, 2009)
Google Earth Offers 3D Map of Mars
On Monday, Google presented new software of its already popular Google Earth. Now Mars fans have the ability to explore the craters, volcanoes and even the places that Mars Pathfinder visited on Mars. This is all available with the help of the new version of Google Earth desktop application. ...
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Technology (04 Jun, 2009)
Google Squared Helps Arrange Your Search Results
The number one search engine, Google, launched a new search tool dubbed Google Squared. Instead of a list of search results, the new experimental service shows information obtained from a query in a framework that resembles a spreadsheet and called square. ...
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Technology (22 Nov, 2011)
Latest Invention: Wave Gliders - Autonomous Aquatic Robots to Cross the Pacific Ocean
A team of researchers and engineers from Liquid Robotics, California-based firm, has recently launched 4 small aquatic robots that will autonomously travel 60,000 kilometers (37,000 miles) across the Pacific Ocean. ...
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