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Politics (19 Feb, 2007)
Surgeons Who Play Video Games are More Skilled
Recent studies showed that the surgeons who play video games are more skilled. It seems that video games contribute to a more precise technique of using different medical instruments. The February issue of Archives of Surgery states that there is a direct link between having video game skills and the abilities of a surgeon to perform a laparoscopic surgery. ...
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Offbeat (07 Sep, 2010)
Medal of Honor Video Game Will Not Be Sold at US Military Stores
The Medal of Honor video game has been highly criticized and the US military came to the conclusion that it will not sell the game. ...
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Technology (19 Apr, 2010)
3rd Space FPS Gaming Vest Makes Video Games More Real
Designed by a surgeon, whose initial goal was to help diagnose prisoners, this 3rd space FPS gaming vest allows the user playing a video game to get the feeling of explosions, stabbings, falling and more. ...
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Offbeat (16 Dec, 2008)
Boy Killed Mother and Shot His Father After They Took Halo 3 Video Game
Boy decided to kill his parents who, at first, did not give him money to buy the violent game Halo 3, and then, after he sneaked out of the house and purchased the game by himself, they did not allow him to play it. ...
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Science (23 Jan, 2009)
Video Games Lead to Poorer Relationships with Friends, Family?
According to a new research, carried out by Brigham Young University undergrad student Alex Jensen and his faculty mentor, Laura Walker, there is a direct link between the use of video games by young adults and their poor relationships with parents and friends. ...
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Science (13 Apr, 2009)
Driving Video Games Trigger More Violence than Shoot 'em Ups
Researchers found that not only shoot 'em up violent video games set off an emotional reaction. It was discovered that some driving games can also trigger a violent emotional response. ...
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Science (18 Jun, 2009)
Prosocial Video Games Make People More Helpful
The latest issue of the top-tier journal Personality and Social Psychology Bulletin features an article in which researchers conclude that some video games are able to make kids kinder and motivate them to help others instead of hurting them. ...
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Technology (10 Jan, 2011)
Play Video Games on Tablet PCs Using JOYSTICK-IT
ThinkGeek offers JOYSTICK-IT iPad Arcade Stick, a device that can be easily attached to the onscreen control pad of any tablet, allowing the user to play games using the device as a physical joystick. ...
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Technology (18 Jan, 2011)
Japanese Toilets Now Have Video Games and Digital Ads
Toilets in Japan have already become famous due to numerous innovations. Sega decided to come up with a totally unique feature, never before used in a toilet. The company mounted urine-controlled games in Tokyo urinals. ...
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Technology (25 Feb, 2011)
New Kiss Controller Used to Play Video Game
The kiss controller is part of a project developed by Hye Yeon Nam, who is a digital media artist working on audio/video/robotic installation. ...
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Technology (17 May, 2011)
Video Games Are Officially Considered a Form of Art
National Endowment for the Arts, an independent federal agency that supports various artists and arts organizations, officially announced that video games are a form of art. ...
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Technology (14 Jan, 2012)
At CES 2012 Razer Presents Tablet PC that Plays Modern PC Video Games
Tablet PCs may be a popular trend today but they are not made for hardcore gaming. With this in mind, the famous developer of gaming hardware, Razer, decided to come up with a new type of tablet that allows users to play modern PC games. ...
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Politics (22 Feb, 2007)
Fox Interactive Media Purchased Strategic Data Corp.
On Thursday Fox Interactive Media, owned by News Corporation, stated that it has acquired Strategic Data Corp., a company that deals with interactive advertising technology. This step was made to improve Fox's advertising, and mainly the way marketers perform it. ...
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Politics (16 Feb, 2007)
Google's New Purchase Called Adscape
Adscape Media Inc. is a company that provides in-game advertising. Google has agreed on purchasing the company for $ 23 million. This information was provided by Red Herring, a technology site which cited in a report made on Thursday the sources that are familiar with the matter. However, the spokesman of Google did not leave any comment stating that the current policy of the company is not to respond to "rumor or speculation". ...
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Technology (14 Mar, 2007)
Microsoft to Connect Xbox 360 and PC Gamers
On Wednesday, the software giant Microsoft Corp. announced the opening of its Live on-line service that will connect users of both Xbox 360 console and PCs. The company stated that the service will open in May. It is to be reminded that Live has attracted about six million Xbox 360 console gamers and now Microsoft looks forward to launch it on new Windows Vista system. ...
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