Technology (09 May, 2013)
10 Unusual Hi-Tech Guitars
This is the list of some of the most impressive guitars developed using the latest technological innovations. Check them out. ...
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Technology (30 Apr, 2013)
Latest Invention: LG Unveils World's First Curved OLED TV
LG says that it is going to become the world's first firm to begin commercializing the technology and that the first to obtain the Curved OLED TV in May will be people of South Korea. ...
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Technology (15 Apr, 2013)
Latest Invention: System that Performs Seamless Transmission of Data Between the Real and Virtual Worlds
Engineers at Fujitsu Laboratories managed to come up with a new-gen user interface able to can accurately identify the position of the user's finger and what it is touching, to generate an interactive touchscreen-resembling system, with the help of objects in the real word. ...
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Technology (29 Mar, 2013)
Latest Invention: Lighty - Control Light Using Interactive Pen and User-Friendly Interface
Meet a revolutionary lighting system called Lighty. It is composed of several robotic lights mounted on the ceiling. The user can control the lights' brightness and orientation using a special interface. ...
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Science (28 Mar, 2013)
Latest Invention: IdeaPaint - Turn Any Surface Into a Whiteboard
Researchers have come up with IdeaPaint, which virtually turns any surface it is applied to into a dry erase board. ...
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Technology (19 Mar, 2013)
Cafe in Japan Makes 3D Printed Gummies of Yourself
Tokyo's FabCafe scanned bodies of 9 men and created 3D printed gummies as gifts for the men's sweethearts. ...
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Technology (19 Mar, 2013)
App that Shows 3D Visualization of the Internet
The PEER 1's application allows you to see a 3D map of the Internet. It also illustrates all of its autonomous systems around the globe (and their connections). ...
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Technology (14 Mar, 2013)
Latest Invention: DoorBot - Smart Doorbell that Allows You to Answer the Door Using Your Phone
Check out the DoorBot - smart doorbell that can be easily connected to your smartphone via battery operated Wi-Fi video. The device alerts you when someone's at your door. ...
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Environment (14 Mar, 2013)
Latest Concept: Polar Umbrella - Arctic Concept Meant to Help the Environment
The arctic umbrella concept is the brainchild of designer Derek Pirozzi and it's called the Polar Umbrella. ...
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Offbeat (26 Feb, 2013)
Art Student Creates Detailed Optimus Prime from Cardboard
UK resident whose nickname is pwarner184 was able to create the famous Autobot leader Optimus Prime using nothing but cardboard, duct tape and glue. ...
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Technology (26 Feb, 2013)
Latest Invention: Flat See-through Camera Integrated Into Display
Today's laptops and smartphones have cameras that were initially created apart from the devices and were then integrated within them. But what if the camera was part of the display? Well, that could be possible in the near future. ...
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Technology (14 Feb, 2013)
Latest Invention: 3D Printing Tech to Help Build a House in 1 Day
A group of designers and architects from Softkill Design decided to come up with a project that would allows setting up a house in just a day. ...
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Technology (09 Feb, 2013)
Chevy Camaro - Super Muscle Car Built for DreamWorks' Turbo
If you ever watched batman movies, especially the old ones, where the hero's car was a sporty vehicle rather than a mix of Hummer and Lamborgini, then check out this Chevy Camaro. ...
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Technology (28 Jan, 2013)
Latest Invention: HealthSpot Station - Telepresence Kiosk as an Alternative to Doctor's Office
The HealthSpot Station, developed by HealthSpot of Dublin, represents a telepresence kiosk created as an alternative to the conventional doctor's office. ...
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Technology (09 Jan, 2013)
Latest Invention: 110-inch Ultra-HD LED TV with Facial Recognition and Gesture Control Tech

The Chinese firm Hisense at recently presented at the CES 2013 its new line of Ultra-LED (aka U-LED) XT900 televisions.

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