Latest discoveries in medical field

Science (19 Apr, 2007)
New Electronic Display to Be Used on Clothes and Beer Cans

Scientists working on the international project are looking forward to bring the organic light emitting devices to the masses. Thus the invention could significantly cut costs by billions of dollars each year.

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Offbeat (26 May, 2010)
British Researcher Infects Himself with Computer Virus
A British researcher claims he managed to infect himself with a computer virus. According to Dr. Mark Gasson of the University of Reading, getting infected with a computer virus is not as odd as it might sound. ...
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Science (17 May, 2010)
Latest Invention: Robotic Nano-Spiders Made of DNA Molecules
A group of scientists from Columbia University managed to invent extremely small spider robots measuring about 4 nanometers across. ...
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Science (08 Feb, 2010)
Latest Invention: Spray-on Liquid Glass that Can Cover Any Surface
Invented in Turkey and patented by Nanopool, a German company, the spray-on liquid glass might become one of the most useful inventions in the field of nanotechnology. ...
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Science (21 Oct, 2008)
FDA Approves Magnetic Brain Therapy
Recently US Food and Drugs Administration put its first stamp of approval for transcranial magnetic stimulation, which is expected to treat migraine, depression and stroke. There are rumors that TMS can even raise a patient from coma. ...
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Technology (28 Apr, 2009)
Latest Invention: 500GB Micro-holographic Disc from G.E.
General Electric presented its latest invention in technology - a 500 gigabyte micro-holographic disk, which measures just like the traditional DVD disk. ...
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Technology (12 May, 2009)
Latest Invention: Electroluminescent Display that Can Stretch and Deform Like Rubber
The latest invention of scientists from the University of Tokyo is a new type of organic electroluminescent display that has the ability to stretch and deform like common rubber. ...
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Technology (14 May, 2009)
Latest Invention: Shoes That Communicate With Your Mobile Phone
An Arizona-based company recently presented its latest invention - shoes with insoles with pressure sensors that provide data wirelessly to a mobile phone that is in close proximity. ...
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Technology (03 Jun, 2009)
Latest Invention: Interactive Data Eyeglasses from German Scientists
The latest invention of scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden is the data glasses that are able to read from the engineer's eyes the features he needs to observe on the building graph. ...
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Technology (03 Aug, 2009)
Latest Invention: World's Most Miniature Medical Video Camera
Medigus, the developer of medical devices, together with Tower Semiconductor, specialty chip foundry, came up with their latest invention in medical field - they claim to have created the smallest medical video camera in the world. ...
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Current Events (01 Sep, 2009)
InfoNIAC Presents: Top 6 Latest Inventions of August 2009
InfoNIAC Presents is our new section in which we bring you the top 10 latest inventions selected from each month. ...
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Science (22 Sep, 2009)
Brits Voted Michael Faraday the Greatest British Inventor
A survey revealed that Michael Faraday is considered to be the greatest British inventor. ...
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Environment (10 Dec, 2010)
Latest Invention: Device that Turns Heat and Light into Energy
Researchers from Fujitsu Laboratories managed to create a device that can turn heat and light into electricity. ...
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Technology (04 Jan, 2011)
Top 10 Latest Inventions of December 2010
Robots Closer to Humans, Anti-Stress Pen, Holographic Digital Maps and more can be found among the top 10 latest inventions of December 2010. ...
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Technology (04 May, 2011)
Latest Invention: World's Smallest Medical Video Camera from Israel
A Tel-Aviv-based medical device company Medigus, has come up with what it claims to be the world's smallest video camera that measures only 0.039-inches (0.99 mm) in diameter. ...
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