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If you try to keep track of all the latest discoveries in science, it will be interesting for you to find out that the scientists have recently concluded that alcohol and tobacco damage our health even more than dangerous drugs. In fact, acute alcohol poisoning kills one person a day, while ecstasy overdose takes the life of 10 people a year.

One more important discovery the scientists have recently made concerns families with disturbing children - a good, supportive marital relationship contributes to effective management with agitated children. The efficiency of parenting greatly depends on the cooperation of both parents rather than the way each of the parents educates their child.

Science (19 Apr, 2007)
New Electronic Display to Be Used on Clothes and Beer Cans

Scientists working on the international project are looking forward to bring the organic light emitting devices to the masses. Thus the invention could significantly cut costs by billions of dollars each year.

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Science (21 May, 2009)
Bird's Songs Vary Depending on the Habitat
After vegetation recovered in some empty lands in California, Oregon and Washington, during the last three decades, a scientist noticed a lowered pitch in male white-crowned sparrows. ...
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Science (06 Mar, 2007)
Happiness Might Appear Before Fortunate Events Occur, Study Says
A recent study on human happiness reveals that our adaptation to major life events is not the only factor to influence our well-being. Those who will have their life run in a more balanced way are predominantly inclined to feel happy long before the fortunate occurrence in their life.

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Environment (15 Mar, 2007)
Scientist's call upon policy makers on global warming
Scientists gathered at Arctic Science Summit Week, which started on Wednesday in New Hampshire to make up their mind on crucial changes in the North Pole that highlights global warming more than ever before. ...
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Health & Fitness (23 Mar, 2007)
Alcohol kills faster than ecstasy
A new drug list was revised by Britain's drug experts to reveal that alcohol and tobacco put your health at greater risk than such dangerous drugs as LSD, cannabis and ecstasy. ...
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Science (05 Apr, 2007)
The most important inventions and discoveries of the humanity
An American Community of Scientists has issued their list of most important inventions and discoveries, which have changed or influenced the development of humanity. ...
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Science (17 Apr, 2007)
Difficult child-good marriage conquers all
The latest researched showed that couples who have supportive marital relationships can deal with disturbing children easier and this only makes their marriage stronger. ...
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Environment (18 Apr, 2007)
Biofuel Vehicles to Put Our Health at Risk
The latest scientific research reveals that biofuels used in vehicles may be more harmful for human health than the petrol used today. By 2020, 10% of all transport means should run on biofuels as agreed by the EU. ...
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Science (23 Apr, 2007)
Nano-nose to help identify illnesses
Vince Rotello and his team from the University of Massachusetts and Georgia Institute of technology develop a 'nano-nose' to find and identify different anomalies, i.e. illnesses in a human body. ...
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Current Events (06 Oct, 2010)
Top 10 Latest Inventions of September 2010
Raytheon's XOS 2 Exoskeleton, Hair-Washing Machine, Visually Impaired Assistant and other inventions described on www.Infoniac.Com in September can be found in this article. ...
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Technology (22 Sep, 2010)
Latest Invention: Virtual Garage from Jaguar Land Rover
Visitors of the British Science festival were able to witness the latest invention of Jaguar Land Rover that unveiled its GBP2.5 million (USD4 million) virtual garage. ...
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Technology (20 Sep, 2010)
Latest Invention: Robot that Could Replace Humans in the Workplace
Japanese researchers have recently presented a robot that in the near future could replace humans in the workplace. ...
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Environment (25 Aug, 2010)
Latest Invention: Machine that Turns Plastic Back Into Oil
An inventor managed to create a machine able to transform plastic back into oil, thus proving hope that it is possible to reduce plastic waste that not only pollutes the ground but also forms huge islands in the oceans. ...
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Current Events (16 Aug, 2010)
Top 10 Latest Invention of July 2010
Program that Superimposes Historical Pictures On Modern Ones, Life Microscope, Technology That Helps You Feel 3D Pictures and other inventions from July 2010. ...
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Technology (12 Aug, 2010)
Latest Invention: Program that Identifies and Erases People from Google Street View
A graduate student from the University of California, San Diego, decided to invent software that can digitally remove people spotted on the street by Google Street View team. ...
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