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Health & Fitness (13 Nov, 2007)
Late Risers Protest to Change Work Schedule
People who are genetically predisposed to wake up later are running a worldwide campaign to change the workplace structure to accommodate to their biological rhythms. ...
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Science (10 Nov, 2009)
Babies Cry in Their Mother Language
Latest discovery proves that babies start learning their language while still unborn. Researchers at the University of Würzburg insist that we all start acquiring our mother tongues while still in the womb. ...
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Technology (20 Oct, 2009)
Latest Invention: Nanotechnology to Help Create Self-cleaning Solar Panels
The latest invention from scientists of Tel Aviv University could lead to the creation of highly-efficient solar cells. ...
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Health & Fitness (06 Nov, 2008)
Women Who Suffer from Headaches Are Less Likely to Develop Breast Cancer
According to a new study, women suffering from headaches are in the group of those with a lowered risk of breast cancer. ...
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Environment (08 Dec, 2008)
Size Doesn't Really Matter in Spiders' World
One of the latest studies of redback spiders showed that, though in head-to-head mating competitions, big males were better than smaller ones, the latter proved to be better lovers, due to the fact that they run faster and are quicker to mature than larger males. ...
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Science (30 Jun, 2009)
Women Are Better at Pounding Nails than Men, at Least in the Light
At least once in their lifetime each man hammered a nail and at least once they hit their thumb. One of the obvious reasons is that the man is simply not good at it, the other is that he is not doing it when there's not enough light. ...
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Science (14 Sep, 2009)
Latest Invention: Brain Implants to Ease Serious Neurological Conditions
Recently a team of researchers from Medtronic of Minneapolis, Minnesota, announced about the development of a neurostimulator. ...
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Technology (01 Mar, 2007)
European Union is Angry on Microsoft
Another warning of the European Commission goes to Microsoft. While in an anti-trust struggle with Brussels, the company faced further fines for seeking unreasonable prices from the software developers for vital data. The European Union criticized Microsoft. The EU executive stated that the latest formal charges might lead the American software corporation to additional daily penalties. ...
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Science (06 Mar, 2007)
Happiness Might Appear Before Fortunate Events Occur, Study Says
A recent study on human happiness reveals that our adaptation to major life events is not the only factor to influence our well-being. Those who will have their life run in a more balanced way are predominantly inclined to feel happy long before the fortunate occurrence in their life.

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Environment (15 Mar, 2007)
Scientist's call upon policy makers on global warming
Scientists gathered at Arctic Science Summit Week, which started on Wednesday in New Hampshire to make up their mind on crucial changes in the North Pole that highlights global warming more than ever before. ...
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Health & Fitness (17 Mar, 2007)
A Trojan-horse strategy selected to fight bacteria
A joint project of three teams of researchers from three different US universities (University of Washington, Iowa and Cincinnati) have selected a different approach at fighting bacteria in people with cystic fibrosis. This team of scientists will investigate the possibility of substituting iron with another metal with similar properties to attract the bacteria to it. ...
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Technology (20 Mar, 2007)
CBS acquires an online high school sports network
CBS has purchased MaxPreps - an online sports network for high school sports. Few details of this deal were disclosed, but MaxPreps from now on will be a part of the CBS sports broadcasting system. ...
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Health & Fitness (23 Mar, 2007)
Alcohol kills faster than ecstasy
A new drug list was revised by Britain's drug experts to reveal that alcohol and tobacco put your health at greater risk than such dangerous drugs as LSD, cannabis and ecstasy. ...
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Technology (30 Mar, 2007)
Animated Cursors is now Windows' Vulnerability
Users who work with the latest versions of Windows should be aware that they are at a great risk of being attacked by hackers. ...
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Environment (30 Mar, 2007)
New chocolate can save the planet
Imagine a sweet creamy chocolate bar melting in your mouth? And now think of the huge amount of plastic, tinfoil and other by-products thrown away. ...
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