Latest invention in chemistry

Speaking about the latest invention in chemistry, it is important to mention that in November 2007, chemists at the University of Virginia prepared the first uranium methylidyne molecule ever, in spite of the uranium atoms' reactivity with other molecules. The new molecule represents a hydrocarbon that contains a uranium-carbon triple-bond, a remarkable contribution to chemists' fundamental understanding of uranium chemistry.

According to Lester Andrews, the major scientist and a professor of chemistry at the University of Virginia, the uranium methylidyne molecule is the first example of a triple bond between uranium and carbon in a hydrocarbon.

Lester Andrews and members of his laboratory have devoted 15 years to their work on uranium chemistry, experimenting with dozens of different molecules. They used a focused pulsed laser for evaporating depleted uranium in a vacuum chamber and then reacting the vapor with fluoroform molecules. The scientists then trapped the new molecule in argon frozen at 8 K, near the absolute zero.

Science (24 Jul, 2009)
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