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The latest invention in technology anyone would be greatly impressed by is the Hapsite Viper Chemical Identification System. Taking into consideration that chemical detection ability is vital for the troops, the Inficon Company developed the system that incorporates an infrared technology that allows the improved identification of toxic substances and chemical warfare agents in the environment during just a few minutes.

The Hapsite System can be installed inside a vehicle or in open space. It is remarkable that the system is one thousand times more sensitive if compared to NATO demands for such a system. The use of the system implies greater safety for troops and civilians in the area. The Inficon Company won a number of environmental award for the Hapsite system.

Technology (10 Feb, 2009)
Amazon Presents Kindle 2 Digital Book Reader
The popular online retailer has recently presented an improved version of its digital book reader - new slimmer Kindle 2. The company's latest invention features more storage and it turns pages faster. ...
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Technology (19 Feb, 2009)
ESA Gives 1M Euros for Skylon Spaceplane Project
The European Space Agency (ESA) decided to invest 1 million euros ($1,259,500) into a UK launcher concept. The project is called Skylon spaceplane. ...
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Technology (20 Feb, 2009)
Latest Invention: Shock Absorber that Powers a Car Using Pothole Power
The mechanical engineers managed to develop a system called GenShock, which represents a shock absorber that has the ability to partially power a vehicle driving through pothole-plagued locations. The device can also smooth the ride. ...
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Technology (16 Mar, 2009)
Latest Invention: World's First Cybernetic Fashion Model to Be Presented in Japan
A black-haired cybernetic fashion model is going to be presented at a fashion show that will take place in Japan. ...
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Technology (27 Mar, 2009)
Latest Invention: New Device to Help Observe Large Groups of Fish
Now with the help of their latest invention in technology researchers can track the movement of large groups of fish while they get together into shoals and then split up. ...
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Technology (02 Apr, 2009)
Latest invention: Flat Flexible Speakers that Produce a Clear Sound
A loudspeaker, which is less than 0.25mm thick, is the latest invention in technology presented by engineers from University of Warwick. ...
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Technology (17 Apr, 2009)
Latest Invention: MP3 Player for Unborn Babies
BLABY is the latest invention in technology that will soon allow pregnant mothers to play their favorite songs to their yet unborn babies. ...
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Technology (22 Apr, 2009)
Latest Invention: Robotic Penguins that Act Like Real
Experts from the engineering company called Festo, based in Germany, recently presented their latest invention in technology - robotic penguins. ...
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Technology (28 Apr, 2009)
Latest Invention: 500GB Micro-holographic Disc from G.E.
General Electric presented its latest invention in technology - a 500 gigabyte micro-holographic disk, which measures just like the traditional DVD disk. ...
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Technology (30 Apr, 2009)
Latest Invention: Mind Controlled Wheelchair
Spanish scientists managed to create a wheelchair that a person can control by the mind. People who have disabilities that prevent them from using the joystick can control this latest invention in technology by simply thinking where they want to go. ...
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Technology (03 Jun, 2009)
Latest Invention: Interactive Data Eyeglasses from German Scientists
The latest invention of scientists from the Fraunhofer Institute for Photonic Microsystems IPMS in Dresden is the data glasses that are able to read from the engineer's eyes the features he needs to observe on the building graph. ...
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Current Events (08 Nov, 2010)
Top 10 Latest Inventions of October 2010
The eLEGS exoskeleton from Barkley Bionics was officially presented at a press conference where the company demonstrated its capabilities. ...
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Current Events (06 Oct, 2010)
Top 10 Latest Inventions of September 2010
Raytheon's XOS 2 Exoskeleton, Hair-Washing Machine, Visually Impaired Assistant and other inventions described on www.Infoniac.Com in September can be found in this article. ...
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Technology (28 Sep, 2010)
Latest Invention: Hair-Washing Robot from Panasonic
Panasonic's hair-washing robot was developed with the goal of reducing the burden for caregivers working in hospitals and different health care institutions. ...
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Technology (22 Sep, 2010)
Latest Invention: Technology that Could Power Cell Phone Using Sound Waves
Speakers use electricity to produce sound waves, but Korean researchers used zinc oxide to do the opposite - transform sound waves into electricity. ...
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