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Almost anyone of us has ever suffered from mild forms of sleep disorders. Moreover, according to the statistics, 10-20 per cent of adults suffer from related diseases. To diagnose sleep disorders, a patient has to go through extensive and costly sleep recording at a special sleep laboratory.

If you are interested in the latest inventions in medicine, it will be interesting for you to find out that the researchers from two universities - the Tampere University of Technology and the University of Helsinki, both located in Finland, managed to develop a brand-new technology to allow screening and even diagnosing sleep disorders. The first application of the technology, representing a smart alarm clock for mobile phones, has been called HappyWakeUp, destined to become the first health-promoting mobile phone application ever.

The smart alarm clock, better to be called an arousal clock than an alarm clock, produces an alarm signal in the morning just prior to the ultimate alarm time, if the sleeping person is awake or "nearly awake" due to the natural sleep rhythms when the body and brain are already awake and the process of waking up is just natural and easy.

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