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Technology (03 Apr, 2009)
Latest Invention: Robot that Makes Discoveries on Its Own
Scientists managed to create world's first robot that can carry out its own experiments, produce hypotheses as well as make scientific discoveries. Researchers dubbed their latest invention Adam. ...
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Science (06 Mar, 2007)
Happiness Might Appear Before Fortunate Events Occur, Study Says
A recent study on human happiness reveals that our adaptation to major life events is not the only factor to influence our well-being. Those who will have their life run in a more balanced way are predominantly inclined to feel happy long before the fortunate occurrence in their life.

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Environment (15 Mar, 2007)
Scientist's call upon policy makers on global warming
Scientists gathered at Arctic Science Summit Week, which started on Wednesday in New Hampshire to make up their mind on crucial changes in the North Pole that highlights global warming more than ever before. ...
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Health & Fitness (23 Mar, 2007)
Alcohol kills faster than ecstasy
A new drug list was revised by Britain's drug experts to reveal that alcohol and tobacco put your health at greater risk than such dangerous drugs as LSD, cannabis and ecstasy. ...
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Environment (18 Apr, 2007)
Biofuel Vehicles to Put Our Health at Risk
The latest scientific research reveals that biofuels used in vehicles may be more harmful for human health than the petrol used today. By 2020, 10% of all transport means should run on biofuels as agreed by the EU. ...
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Science (19 Apr, 2007)
New Electronic Display to Be Used on Clothes and Beer Cans

Scientists working on the international project are looking forward to bring the organic light emitting devices to the masses. Thus the invention could significantly cut costs by billions of dollars each year.

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Science (24 Sep, 2007)
A Memorable Speaker - Not the One Speaking Clearly
Scientists discover new unexpected facts about the clearness of speech and how it effects listeners ...
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Science (10 Oct, 2007)
4D Ultrasounds Challenge Abortion Laws
The latest 4D ultrasounds that can give video-like images of the foetus will change the views on the time when the foetus can be considered a person. ...
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Science (15 Oct, 2007)
The Nobel Prize 2007 Has Been Given Away
The six nominations of the Nobel Prize, namely in physics, medicine, chemistry, peace, literature and economics, have been given away to 13 awardees (12 individuals and one organization): 6 from the USA, 3 from Germany, 2 from the United Kingdom, and one from France and Switzerland each. ...
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Science (23 Jan, 2008)
Scientists Find a Way to Make People Live for Hundreds of Years
It can soon become possible for humans to live up to 800 years with the latest scientific breakthrough ...
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Health & Fitness (15 Aug, 2008)
Red Bull May Lead to Heart Damage, Scientists Say
According to the latest research, the popular energy drink Red Bull can increase the risk of heart damage. ...
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Science (07 Nov, 2008)
Aggressive Teens Enjoy Causing Pain and Watching Others Get Hurt, Scientists Say
Scientists at the University of Chicago used brain scans to discover that aggressive youngsters might, in fact, enjoy causing pain to other people. ...
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Science (17 Nov, 2008)
100M-Years-Old Primitive Organisms Discovered in Tree Resin
Intact marine microorganisms have been recently found in tree resin. Scientists claim that the perfectly preserved microorganisms might have been trapped in the resin 100 million years ago. ...
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Environment (04 Jan, 2009)
Groundbreaking Discovery - Green Algae to Save Earth from Global Warming
Previously the main feature of global warming was considered to be the melting of icebergs. Now, however, it was found that this image, in fact, represents a natural process, which is able to delay or even bring to an end the climate change. ...
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Health & Fitness (20 Jan, 2009)
Mircobot Motors to Help Surgeons Treat Stroke Victims
Australian scientists recently presented their latest invention, a real scientific breakthrough - one of the smallest motors in the world, having a width of just 1/4th of a millimeter. ...
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