Most dangerous viruses

A research company located in California, USA, has developed a new type of 'super-oxidized' water. The healing water, filtered through a salt membrane, speeds up the tissue regeneration and kills most dangerous viruses, bacteria and fungi. The new type of water effectively fights MRSA. Scientists in UK have already started to use the water for treating patients suffering from diabetic foot ulcers. It allows to treat the patients in 43 days to be compared to 55 days of the standard treatment. The healing water contains oxychlorine ions that pierce the walls of free-living microbes and kill them.
Offbeat (23 May, 2007)
Need a computer virus?- download now
Computer expert put an advertisement on the Internet offering a free computer virus for everyone willing to have one. ...
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Offbeat (20 Apr, 2015)
Strange Illustrations of the Most Dangerous Computer Viruses in History

Though everyone knows that computer viruses can harm your computer, even today myriads of users become their victim and some don't even notice it.

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Technology (18 Feb, 2009)
The Most Dangerous Computer Viruses in History
Computer viruses have a relatively short history, but the damages caused by some of them pushed cyber-experts to opening a new chapter on computer viruses. ...
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Technology (04 Sep, 2009)
Top 5 Most Popular Computer Viruses and Worms
And by popular we mean those that affected millions of PCs around the globe, leading to huge socio-economic damages. There have been a lot of computer viruses and worms created, but in this article you will find some of the most dangerous. ...
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Technology (08 Sep, 2009)
List of Computer Viruses Developed in 1990s
The 1990s marked a great evolution of computer viruses, especially those that were created to infect Windows OS files. Below you will find a computer virus list that includes viruses created during the 1990s. ...
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Technology (10 Sep, 2009)
List of Computer Viruses from 2000 Onward
In the 21st century the number of computer viruses considerably increased. Our computer virus list features descriptions of a large number of dangerous computer viruses, worms and Trojans that appeared starting with 2000 and till this day. ...
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Technology (17 Sep, 2009)
Top 7 Most Dangerous Computer Viruses of the 20th Century
The 20th century was a period when computer viruses saw light and managed to cause serious damages to unprepared users and their machines. Millions of users downloaded computer viruses without even knowing about it. ...
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Technology (21 Sep, 2009)
The History and Description of Trojan Horse Virus
First of all it would be useful to state that a Trojan horse virus represents an infectious program able to cause serious damage to a computer. The Trojan horse can infect a user's machine without being noticed. ...
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Technology (22 Sep, 2009)
General Things to Know About Trojan Horse Viruses
A Trojan horse virus represents a malware that infects a system to help its author illegally gain access to a computer for various reasons, including stealing personal information. ...
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