New chocolate can save the planet

Have you ever thought that a new chocolate can save the planet? As you most probably know cacao contains many elements useful for our health, including proteins, antioxidants, calcium, and vitamins. However, chocoholics around the world are hardly aware of the great amount of plastic, tinfoil and other by-products of the chocolate industry damaging the environment. But there is no reason to fall into despair - the chocolate industry has already found a way to produce environment-friendly chocolate - this is raw chocolate, not only extremely tasty but also of great nutritional value.

The chocolate producers in the UK initiated the production of raw chocolate three years ago and today the increasing number of companies in Britain sell raw chocolate used in Easter eggs, bunnies and other products. Raw chocolate producers use minimum packaging and recycled paper labels.

Environment (30 Mar, 2007)
New chocolate can save the planet
Imagine a sweet creamy chocolate bar melting in your mouth? And now think of the huge amount of plastic, tinfoil and other by-products thrown away. ...
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