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Speaking about new inventions, it is interesting to mention that Martin Schubert, a doctoral student from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute, developed the first polarized LED. This development will allow to greatly improve LCD screens, conserve energy, and give birth to a new generation of extremely efficient LEDs.

The polarized LED developed by the student represents a major advancement in the current LED technology, as it will allow to better control the direction and polarization of the emitted light. Consequently, it will decrease the amount of energy wasted for scattered light, and more light will get to the necessary spot. The polarized LED may be successfully used as a backlighting unit for any type of LCD, with its focused light producing more colorful, vibrant, and lifelike images on the display.

Science (21 Sep, 2010)
Latest Invention: Cheap, Flexible Solar Cells for Your Windows
Eight19 is currently working on a revolutionary organic solar photovoltaic technology that could help in the near future make the process of solar cell installation much easier and cheaper. ...
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Technology (27 Nov, 2009)
Latest Invention: Muscle Suit at Tokyo Exhibition Easily Lifts Heavy Cargo
A wide range of robots can now be observed in Tokyo. The robot caught the attention of the audience after it managed to easily lift a 50-kilogram bag of rice. ...
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Technology (27 Oct, 2009)
Latest Invention: Special Glasses for Dry Eyes
Masunaga Optical Manufacturing Co. Ltd., a Japanese company that specializes in eyewear, boasting such clients as Sarah Palin, has recently presented one of its new inventions - special high-tech glasses. ...
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Science (22 Sep, 2009)
Brits Voted Michael Faraday the Greatest British Inventor
A survey revealed that Michael Faraday is considered to be the greatest British inventor. ...
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Science (05 Apr, 2007)
The most important inventions and discoveries of the humanity
An American Community of Scientists has issued their list of most important inventions and discoveries, which have changed or influenced the development of humanity. ...
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Science (23 Apr, 2007)
Nano-nose to help identify illnesses
Vince Rotello and his team from the University of Massachusetts and Georgia Institute of technology develop a 'nano-nose' to find and identify different anomalies, i.e. illnesses in a human body. ...
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Environment (30 Sep, 2010)
Loopwing Korea Unveils Solar-Powered Streetlights, Wind Power Generators
Having the goal of reducing the demand for grid electricity, a South Korean company decided to create a new type of streetlights and renewable energy generators. ...
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Technology (18 May, 2010)
Top 10 Useless Robots
This article features a list of machines that were most likely built for fun. It is worth mentioning that the list of the top 10 useless robots features machines previously described on ...
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Science (08 Feb, 2010)
Latest Invention: Spray-on Liquid Glass that Can Cover Any Surface
Invented in Turkey and patented by Nanopool, a German company, the spray-on liquid glass might become one of the most useful inventions in the field of nanotechnology. ...
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Health & Fitness (01 Feb, 2010)
Latest Invention: Smart Clothes That Keep You Healthy
Scientists develop new age clothes using fabrics with tiny electronic devices and using other latest inventions in medicine incorporated into clothes to monitor the health of its wearers. ...
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Health & Fitness (23 Dec, 2009)
Latest Invention: Contact Lenses That Change Color to Inform Diabetics About Blood Sugar Levels
A biochemical engineer from the University of Western Ontario came up with probably one of the most useful inventions for diabetics - contact lenses that change color, thus informing about the level of glucose in the blood. ...
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Technology (09 Dec, 2009)
Latest Invention: Bionic Fingers that Allow Picking Up Glass, Hold Cutlery
British researchers from Touch Bionics managed to create one of the most useful inventions - the first bionic fingers in the world. ...
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Technology (02 Dec, 2009)
Latest Invention: Suma 3D Controller that Uses Squeezable User Interface Technology
Recently Cambridge Consultants have presented one of their most interesting inventions - Suma sensor controller, a prototype 3D controller that is based on so-called squeezable user-interface technology. ...
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Technology (23 Nov, 2009)
Sartre: A New Approach to Commuting
Millions of people spend hours driving to their workplace and back home. The newest European initiative informally called the Road Train may prove to be one of the best inventions designed to ease the traffic. ...
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Technology (06 Nov, 2008)
Bionic Hand Included in the List of Top 50 Innovations of 2008
The first bionic hand in the world that was launched into the market is considered one of this year's top inventions. The developer of the i-LIMB hand is Touch Bionics, a company based in Livingston. ...
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