New science discoveries

Science (23 Apr, 2007)
Nano-nose to help identify illnesses
Vince Rotello and his team from the University of Massachusetts and Georgia Institute of technology develop a 'nano-nose' to find and identify different anomalies, i.e. illnesses in a human body. ...
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Environment (01 Oct, 2007)
Antarctic Microbes to Tell about Past and Future of Climate Change
A new research, which was published in the journal Science, states that the mystery of glacial history of Antarctica may be solved with the help of plants, mites, springtails and worms. ...
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Science (07 Oct, 2008)
Dark Matter Hunters Were Among the Candidates for 2008 Nobel Prize in Physics
Among the candidates nominated for 2008 Nobel Prize in physics there were scientists that worked on understanding the dark matter, sought for new planets and activated in the field of nanotechnology. ...
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