Newest inventions

Speaking about the newest inventions, it is worth mentioning that researchers at the University of Washington and at the University of California, San Diego have invented an innovative laptop theft-protection tool. The software serves as a virtual watchdog on the machine, sending a report about the laptop's location, when connecting to the Internet, using it as a homing beacon. Only the owner of the laptop can monitor his whereabouts.

The smart tool has been named Adeona, the name that belongs to the Roman goddess of safe returns. As soon as the owner of the laptop installs Adeona at his computer, the machine will regularly send its Internet protocol address and correlated information to a free online storage network - OpenDHT. The data will allow the computer owner be informed about the laptop's general location. On a Macintosh computer, the tool also uses the computer's internal camera to take an image to be sent to the same server.

Technology (23 Nov, 2009)
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