Friday, 23 Mar, 2007 Politics

24-hours' Demonstration in front of Congresswoman's House


Nancy Pelosi's house in San Francisco is under a peaceful siege. People numbering from 4 to 30 have organized a small demonstration on the road in front of Pelosi's house. The purpose of this demonstration is to put the U.S. House Speaker under more pressure and to make her fight more aggressively the Iraq war funding.

The protestors came in front of Pelosi's house with camps, canopies and banners on March 10 and said that even though they supported her actions they would not leave, until Congresswoman Pelosi would fulfill their demands. The police have already ordered the crowd to leave Thursday night, but the protestors intend to resist the police.

One of the officers even said that these people can stay and do whatever they wanted, but they were not allowed to have all the things they brought along there.

A spokesman of the Congresswoman said that the vigil does not disturb Mrs. Pelosi. What she was worried about were her neighbors, who have already made complaints to the police about blocked sidewalks with banners and signs.

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